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Monday, February 13, 2012

Fighting Pirates with Airships

Ignore the Army markings, an LEMV (Northrup Grumman picture)
Royal Navy looking into bringing back an old tool as reported in 21st century airships may join Navy fleet:
Scientists from the defence company Northrop Grumman have given briefings to the Navy on the latest airship that is about to enter military service.
Commanders are also considering using it as a counter piracy vessel as the LEMV can lower up to 150 commandos along with their fast inflatable boats.

Travelling at over 80 knots the airship is almost three times faster than ships and the Navy’s version can travel for several days without refuelling its four gas turbine engines.
The Royal Navy is not, and should not be, the only Navy looking into this tool for the counter-pirate mission which would seem well suited to this type of aircraft. I have some more thoughts in a draft post I hope to have up tonight, schedule permitting.