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Friday, March 07, 2014

U.S. Response to Putin: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right

You may have read my suggested response to Russia's Putin in the Ukraine Russia in the Ukraine: 90 day eviction notice, but if you missed The DiploMad 2.0: Cage Fighter vs. Pajama Boy; Putin Confronts the West, then you need to head over there right now:
Let's just say that we have on our hands a New Old Russia. Blah, blah, wishes, and pink unicorns will not cut it. On paper, Russia is not strong compared to the West. The West should be able to handle Russia relatively easily. Russia, however, has one big advantage. Russia has leadership, a determined leadership not afraid to make decisions and act. That compensates for several orders of economic and technological inferiority. The West has, well, you know what the West has, and it ain't good.
My emphasis. Somehow I don't think the Diplomad feels all warm and fuzzy about the West's "leaders."

Let's go over some suggestions:
  1. Work to make sure Western Europe has alternatives to Russian natural gas. This would include exports of LNG from the U.S., restarting nuclear power plants, get fracking going in Poland and other locales where it might be profitiable.
  2.  Put some real U.S. forces (101 and 82 Airborne) on the continent. Call it an "exercise" if you want. Have them "visit" NATO countries bordering Ukraine.
  3.  Put a frigging ESG group in the Eastern Med, fully loaded. 
  4. Dig up those "useless" A-10's and conduct an exercise with, oh, say Romania. 
  5. Grow a pair.
And get over the vapors.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Russia in the Ukraine: 90 day eviction notice

Dear Mr. Putin:

In the next 30 days, unless your military forces now in the Ukraine and Crimea return to the status quo ante, the United States of America will do everything it can to shut off all aspects of your economic activity with the rest of the world.

Starting in 7 days, all assets of Russian citizens in the U.S. will be frozen pending some indication of Russian intentions.

U.S. citizens and businesses doing business or living in Russia are being asked to leave Russia or get to the American embassy as soon as is possible.

Starting in 5 days, any Russian flagged or owned merchant ships will be refused entry into U.S. ports.

The U.S. will recommend to the countries through which Russian natural gas pipelines
are routed that those pipelines be closed for "safety inspections" as soon as is practicable.

As this letter is being written, I am communicating with U.S. and allied natural gas companies about their ability to:
  1. Export LNG to Europe and other areas now served by Russian gas pipeline.
  2. Export fracking technology teams to promising areas of development in Europe, especially Poland.
  3. Establish emergency natural gas pipelines from those fracking areas into the main distribution systems of Europe.
Pursuant to standing NATO commitments, I am ordering various elements of the U.S. military to be ready to deploy to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, or Lithuania should any their governments request security assistance (see here).  Air elements, including airborne troops and U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy amphibious units are on notice to prepare for rapid deployment. U.S. naval units will also be dispatched to the eastern Mediterranean.

If U.S. forces are deployed, there should be no doubt in your mind that assistance will be provided to the people of the Ukraine should it be necessary.

We remain in consultation with our allies throughout the world.

The next step is up to you.

With all due respect,


Friday, February 28, 2014

Naval Presence That Drones Can't Match: "Russian navy vessel at Crimea's Port of Balaklava"

Okay, for those who have spouted the "drones for presence" line of hooey, tell me how a drone could match this naval presence, as reported by the BBC "Russian navy vessel at Crimea's Port of Balaklava".

For those of you who have forgotten, Crimea is part of the county of Ukraine, not Russia.
Tarantul-III class corvette of the type off Balaklava

UPDATE: More context from a 1993 map:

Monday, December 12, 2011

UK Rules for Private Armed Guards on British Merchant Shipping Revealed

Rules and concerns expressed here:
The guidelines stipulate that ship owners should include certain factors in a risk assessment motivate for selecting a private security company (PSC). Shipping companies wishing to use armed guards will also be required to submit a detailed counter-piracy plan to the UK Department for Transport in advance.
No word on the number of bullets that will be allowed each armed guard - Barney "One Bullet" Fife or Rambo-style.

Based on recent events in India, as reported here, a strict count of bullets might be important.

Rambo may have trouble with that.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Somali Pirates: Ukranian Flying Boats to Join Anti-Piracy Force

Ukranian BE-12 (wheels down)
Reported at Bruxelles2 (translation by Google Translate):
Ukraine has announced its intention to send a brigade of a Be-12 aircraft of Saki for maritime surveillance operation in the naval anti-piracy operation EU (Atalanta) beginning in 2012. Military experts from the EU and the Ukrainian navy have discussed preparations for the operation. These include the provision of aircraft equipment (communications, liaison with the headquarters) and logistical support crews. A Ukrainian officer was seconded from November to the General Staff of the Atalanta. The President had signed in February Yanukovic the mission order. Ukrainian participation was announced on several occasions for almost 2 years. And it may seem close to a concrete solution.
Be-12 Waterborne
Be-12's are old Soviet maritime patrol aircraft (NATO name "Mail").

More here:
Ukraine intends to send an amphibious aircraft Be-12 from the Saki marine air brigade of the Armed Forces' Air Force to take part in the European Union naval operation to fight sea piracy, Atalanta, from 2012, reads a statement made by the Defence Ministry press service.

In course of a meeting of the EU and the Ukrainian Naval Air Force military experts in Sevastopol they discussed preparation of the Be-12 aircraft and its crew for participation in this operation.

In particular, they discussed the issues of equipping the plane with state-of-the-art navigation and communication means, and also all-out logistic support to the Ukrainian marine aircraft pilots.

Foreign military experts also got a possibility to learn about technical and combat capabilities of Be-12 aircraft in service at the Saki marine air brigade.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Somali Pirates: Reports of Hijacked Ship

Beluga Nomination
Reports of a ship being hijacked off the Seychelles: Somali pirates seize ship carrying Ukrainians:
Somali pirates have seized a vessel carrying 12 sailors including Ukrainians, Filipinos, Poles and Russians in the Indian Ocean, Ukraine's foreign ministry said on Monday.

The German-owned MV Beluga Nomination was captured 100 kilometres (62 miles) off the Seychelles, a ministry statement said, but it did not indicate the number of nationals from each country.
See also here.

The ship is a 12,500DWT cargo ship. See here. More on the ship here at its operators site.