Friday, September 15, 2023

U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report, 16 August - 13 September 2023

Interesting section: 1. (U) (LATE REPORTING) YEMEN: On 25 August, an entity impersonating the United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen (UNVIM) was directing merchant vessels in the vicinity of Aden Anchorage, near position 12:48N – 045:15E, to divert to Hodeidah Port in the southern Red Sea. (UKMTO; Clearwater Dynamics)

U.S. Navy Office of Naval I... by lawofsea

Friday Films: "Boilers and Their Operation" and "Deaerating Feed Tanks" (both 1955)

Getting ready to go to sea in the days before gas turbines in ships meant the snipes had to get up really early to light off the boilers to have enough steam for propelling the ship. Boiler Techs did not work in quiet air-conditioned spaces. But they often worked miracles.