Good Company

Good Company
Good Company

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Talked with my friend Virgil today about a lot of things. We had a pretty good laugh about the military "expertise" that could be claimed by someone who served as a LTJG in the Riverine forces. Not because we don't appreciate the duty performed at that level or the often heroic actions those forces undertook, but because we know (as former junior naval officers ourselves) that when you are operating at the "weed" level you gain an intimate knowledge of the weeds and not much else.

It takes years of training and experience to get the bigger picture. That's why we have war colleges and special training for officers (and NCO's) as they move up into positions of greater responsibility.

Also had a laugh at the media coverage of the reserve and guards. It is almost unbelievable the level of apparently willing ignorance demonstrated by our talking heads. If any of them had checked with any current or former reservist or guard member the system of "points", "drills" and rescheduled drills could have cleared up a lot of blather.

Plus, we talked about the over two years of active duty the President had to put in to learn to fly the ANG jet he flew. A lot of draftees only put in two years period. Mr. Bush put in two then 4.5 more. And he flew a plane with a tainted rep as a tough bird to fly, too.

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