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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Building Coalitions?

In an amazing article from The Austrialian
reported at Captain's Quarters (
John Kerry's sister apparently has undertaken an effort to undermine our exsiting coalition by suggesting that involvement with the US in Iraq may lead to the Australians being in greater danger from terrorist attack.

If it is true that this is part of the Kerry campaign, then CQ asks the right questions:
"Does John Kerry care more about grabbing power than he does about the United States?... Who gave the order for Diana Kerry to interfere with the Australian election? Who told her to act in a manner that is calculated to undermine the American-Australian partnership on the terror war?"

and appropriate outrage:

"Frankly, not only should this disqualify him for the presidency, it should disqualify anyone involved in his campaign from ever holding public office. Those who condone this interference in a wartime alliance must be punished at the polls, and their party as a whole should be blocked from any power whatsoever until they atone for their actions."

It also causes me to wonder, if true, how Mr. Kerry plans to build the alliances he has spoken of so often...

This is ugly stuff!

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