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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday Is Old Radio Day; Adventures by Morse "The Girl on Shipwreck Island"

Captain Bart Friday was a globe-trotting San Francisco-based private
Carlton Morse, the creator of this series
investigator, portrayed during the series by Elliott Lewis, David Ellis and Russell Thorson. Friday's sidekick from Texas, Skip Turner, was played mostly by Jack Edwards and occasionally by Barton Yarborough.

The tales covered such areas as espionage, kidnapping and murder, along with secret Nazi bases, snake worshipers and voodoo
While traveling from French Indo-China to Australia, the engine on Bart and Skip's plane conks out, forcing them to land on a small island in the South China Sea. Initially, they believe themselves to be alone, but it isn't long before they witness the murder of a British sailor, one of a small number of castaways who recently survived a deadly hurricane at sea. The murder has been committed by a Spanish pirate, complete with bandana, who seems mighty proud of his skill with a gun. In addition to the mayhem on this supposedly deserted island they experience the strange allure of a cockney serving girl named Gracie, who seems to be the object of much jealousy and intrigue.

Three parts

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