Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Sunday, December 11, 2022

On Midrats 11 December 2022 - Episode 642: A Week of Maritime Good Tidings?

Please join us at 5pm (EST) on 11 December 2022 for Midrats Episode 642: A Week of Maritime Good Tidings?

From the NDAA to some rather positive words from the SECNAV on some of our favorite maritime areas of concern, so far December has produced a few positives to think about - if you don't think too much about the Army-Navy game on Saturday...

This week's Midrats free for all will start here and then we'll work our way around the national security landscape.

As always, open topic, open phones ... so come join us for the conversation.

If you do miss the show live, you can pick up this episode and others and add Midrats to your podcast list simply by going to you use Apple Podcasts here. Or on Spreaker. Or on Spotify.

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