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Thursday, December 01, 2022

This was not a "near collision" nor was it "too close for comfort"

I don't care what others say, this was not a "near collsion."

The ships were in communication and agreed to a starboard to starboard passiing.

Both ships were under control.

Both ships manuevered properly on their agreed plan.

Visibility was excellent.

Calling this anything except routine operations by professionals is an extreme exaggeration.

Calm down.

Two Navy ships just got too close for comfort in San Diego Bay


  1. Starboard-to-starboard is unconventional. HARPERS FERRY was crowding the buoy and put MOMSEN in a jam.

    1. Situations like this happen. As long as both ships acknowledge the need to maneuver and agree as to the course of action, it's just normal business. No paint exchanged, no emergency signals, no panicked placing of fenders - all in plain sight and with good comms. Harpers Ferry may have been on the wrong edge of the channel, but I don't think this incident deserves the notoriety it has attained. This is a lesson in how to handle matters.