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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Countering Drones: U.S. Surface Navy Getting a New Tool

Reported at USNI News Navy Arming Surface Ships with Drone Repellent System:

The Drone Restricted Access Using Known Electromagnetic Warfare system, or DRAKE, built by Northrop Grumman and originally used on Humvees during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is now used across the Navy’s surface fleet.


“What this essentially does is it works like a normal jammer. So whenever we have a drone that gets a little bit too close, or flies somewhere that it shouldn’t be, or is in any way, shape or form a risk to us, we can just turn on our DRAKE and the DRAKE will basically keep it from coming close to the ship,” he added. “So it projects basically like an umbrella. So when the drone flies in, this will just cut off the signal.”

Variation on a ground based system.

A 2106 video from Northop Grumman shows DRAKE in operation:

DRAKE is not the only system out there - like RAFAEL's system shown in this video:

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