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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Future Fleet: Unmanned But Not Unarmed

Baby step - but an important one - as discussed in our recent interview with Captain Pete Small.

Listen to "Episode 602: The US Navy's Unmanned Programs, with CAPT Captain Pete Small, USN" on Spreaker.

All according to the Navy/and Marine Unmanned Campaign Plan:

The Medium and Large USVs of tomorrow offer promising solutions to expand the sensor and weapons capacity of the current Fleet. They will be Program of Record, purpose-built vessels that support distributed maritime operations through the Navy Tactical Grid. The MUSV platform is designed as an unmanned sensor-ship, built to carry modular payloads, and standardized to integrate with current and future Navy systems. The LUSV platform will be a high endurance, adjunct magazine, based on commercial designs and built around a common missile launcher with an integrated combat system. The LUSV will add meaningful offensive weapons capability and capacity in Strike and Anti-Surface Warfare.

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