Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Ship History: The Korean War

60 years ago . . .


  1. ColoComment5:08 PM

    Watched a few minutes of the "press" movie. Couldn't take anymore. It's a crime what our "national press" has become: a toadying, liberal, propaganda machine.

    The Founders would be so disappointed in us for squandering what they so dearly paid for.

    1. Anonymous11:52 PM

      Do you realize that each of the videos above were... propaganda? Each created by DoD, not a one by the "toadying press"? Or is that your problem - your perception that the propaganda is no longer sufficiently conservative for your taste? Ergo, you appreciate propaganda, as long as it fits your (political) preconception of what propaganda should be. Our problem is not a "liberal" press (actually, news media). Our problem is we no longer have "news" media. We have an infotainment industry. And they don't give a damn about your, or my, politics. They want customers. Period.

      Funny thing is, liberals realized this and (partially) adapted to it some time ago. While conservatives keep railing at the ghosts of Christmas past.

    2. I thought the first video was interesting, in part, because it was a NYTimes reporter discussing the Korean War.

      Of the 3, the third is, in my opinion, the best.

      As for "propaganda" - well, one man's propaganda needs to be balanced against another view. Reliance on any one news source is a mistake.