Monday, January 20, 2020

Interesting: China Testing Unmanned "Mini-Destroyer"

The Martime Executine reports China's Unmanned "Mini-Destroyer" Out on Sea Trials

The PLA Navy's well-armed unmanned surface vessel has conducted its first sea trials, according to Chinese trade outlet Ordnance Industry Science Technology.

The 50-foot-long vessel, dubbed JARI, is designed for remote-control or autonomous operation, like many projects developed by western navies and defense contractors. However, it may be unique in possessing all of the core capabilities of a surface combatant (at a small scale).

Its developers say that JARI has a phased-array radar, a sonar suite, a deck gun, two close-range air defense missiles, two vertical-launch silos for small anti-air / anti-ship missiles and two torpedo launch tubes. Given its equipment, Chinese state outlet Global Times has described it in ambitious terms as a combat-ready "mini Aegis-class destroyer."
Hmmm. That's a lot of technology and stuff in a small boat.


  1. DJ Elliott4:49 PM

    Sounds like PRC is going with my PBSH concept but unmanned. I still think crew is needed for when the jamming eliminates your C4I

  2. DJ Elliott12:56 AM

    Another thing - range. Strictly coastal without a mother ship.

    Dedicated mother ship [carrier] or embarked augment to combatant [like LAMPS]....Or both?