Sunday, April 11, 2021

On Midrats 11 April 2021 - Episode 588: The Supply Chains that Bind Us, with Ross Kennedy

Please join us at 5pm EDT for Midrats Episode 588: The Supply Chains that Bind Us, with Ross Kennedy

Our comfortable, modern life exists on a delicate fabric of global transportation, laws, and lines of communication supported by assumptions of stability, peace, and professional competance.

Over the last twelve months, from COVID-19 to EVER GIVEN in the Suez, the delicate nature off the global system of trade that allows affordable technogy, food, and the full spectrum of consumer goods has broken in to the open for everyone to see.

Is the global system of trade as delicate as it seems? Where are its weakest points, and how robust is it to various disruptions?

Our guest for the full hour to discuss this and related topis will be Ross Kennedy.

Ross is a U.S.-based logistics and supply chain expert with more than fifteen years in international transportation, procurement, and analysis. His unique blend of operations, sales, and strategic planning allows him to provide creative, agile solutions for his public- and private-sector clientele.

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