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Monday, October 18, 2004

"I saw today what freedom looks like."

As we near our own elections, if there was ever a column that you should read, it is this one by Arthur Chrenkoff. (Hat tip: Instapundit).

We tend to take for granted freedom's blessings but every now and then something reminds us of how precious they are. Mr. Chrenkoff caught one of those moments for an embassy staffer. The quote is from Jeff Raleigh in Kabul:

Three years and two days ago, American troops came to Afghanistan to free a people who had been subjugated by a cruel and vicious oppressor. Today, I witnessed what their sacrifices and efforts, and those of other coalition troops, the international community and my colleagues at the U.S. Embassy had helped to win.


I visited three polling places in Kabul today and saw Afghan men and women lining up to exercise, for the first time in this nation's tortured history, the freedom to select their leader.

I watched as men and women, who been warned by the violent remnants of a defeated oppressor that exercising their freedom to vote would result in death, defiantly come to polling places to cast their votes.

I saw women, who had been not allowed out of their own homes under the old regime, walk freely into the voting booths and cast their ballot for their choice for President.

I saw today what freedom looks like.

I'm a cynical old guy, but it brought tears to my eyes.

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