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Sunday, October 17, 2004



You've got to love Mudville Gazette for offering up photos of these clueless innocents who have voluntarily put themselves in satire's way by succumbing to the Fellowship of Reconciliation "we feel guilty for being Americans" campaign.

Greyhawk invites you to join the fun!

Update: The Fellowhip of Reconciliation has these history highlights:

1916-1917: Helps organize the National Civil Liberties Bureau, now the ACLU. Supports World War I conscientious objectors and contributes to legal recognition of CO rights...

1940s: Encourages nonviolent resistance to World War II. ...Organizes extensive campaign to prevent the Pentagon from extending wartime conscription into universal military training.

"Encourages nonviolent resistance to World War II?" Well, they should be happy someone was/is willing to step up and defend them when violence prevails.

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