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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Read LancelotFinn's "Robert Kaplan's World"

One of the great benefits of Hugh Hewitt's Symposia is reading blogger you'd never otherwise know of. This piece, Robert Kaplan's World, is one site I never would have found on my own, but I am very pleased it was posted in response to Hewitt's 4th. Here's a nice bit relating to a discussion of Kerry and the Vietnam War:

Pilate, confronted with a condemned but innocent man whom he dared not take the political risk of freeing, said first, "What is truth?"--moral relativism--and then "I wash my hands of this case"--abdication of responsibility. Kerry took the same two steps, moral relativism and abdication of responsibility, and they define him as a man and as a statesman to this day.

John Kerry told the Senate that "We found most people didn't even know the difference between communism and democracy."  He called Ho Chi Minh "the George Washington of Vietnam."  Yet George Washington was fighting to establish a free republic, Ho Chi Minh to establish a communist dictatorship.  Maybe John Kerry, who also opined in 1971 that Ho Chi Minh understood the principles of the US Constitution and was trying "to install the same provisions into the government of Vietnam," was deceived about Ho's ideology.  If so, though, it is odd that Kerry did not recant, reverse himself or apologize when the nature of the Vietcong regime became clear, or rather, clearer, since its oppressive and bloody character was evident enough by 1971.  This suggests that the "most people" who didn't know the difference between communism and democracy included John Kerry--or rather, he knew, but he didn't care...

I've read it and commend it to you. I'll be reading it again. It's that good.

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