Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mullah Mischief?

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has a piece on the sudden surge of al-Qaeda interest in going after US GWOT partner Pakistan:
In a sign that the Pakistanis have done significant damage to its network, al-Qaeda operations now primarily target the Pervez Musharraf regime, seen as a cornerstone to the American-led war on terror. The kidnapping of two Chinese industrial experts aims to drive a wedge between Musharraf and his oldest ally...

I am not surprised, but have a nagging suspicion that the Mullahs in Iran are lurking in the background in this. Fomenting trouble for US allies and working to destablilize US interests in the region make sense if you are one of the identified members of the "axis of evil" and are worried about your future. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq have only one country in common on their borders - Iran. It isn't rocket science to think that the Iranian "leaders" may be feeling a little surrounded and are working to slip the noose.

In fact, speaking of rocket science, I see the recent announcements about the range improvements on their missile system to be in line with their effort to scare both close neighbors and the US (missile range would include Turkey and Israel) into backing off. This map shows approximate missile range.

I note that Turkey is a member of NATO and that any attack on Turkey should invoke NATO involvement in their defense.

This is dangerous mischief, indeed.

Update: Replaced missile map. Added explanation.

Update: While visiting the American Digest blog found this very interesting analysis of the importance of Iraq in the future direction of the Middle East.

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