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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Reading

Salamander is still off on a mission of some sort and has left Fullbore Friday unattended, but Steeljaw Scribe has Flight Deck Friday featuring guest "apprentice" writing on a look at the Beginnings - The Curtiss N-9 and BuAer.

That's an N-9 Seaplane astern of the ship in the photo. Click to enlarge.

UPDATE: And just because it's Friday, it doesn't mean you can't read Maritime Monday 70 at Fred Fry International if you want nautical information to hold you until next Monday. Fred also has some thoughts on the Goose Creek, South Carolina possible terrorists here. If you missed the original reporting, see here, here, and here.

You know, if I were from the Middle East and regardless of how harmless my intentions, I would be very careful about what I kept in my car...

UPDATE2: And you can also head over to Maritime updated yesterday for your reading pleasure by Karsten von Hoesslin.

And, more reading from Monday with Chaotic Synaptic Activity's Monday Maritime Matters featuring a Navy double Medal of Honor awardee.

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