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Thursday, August 16, 2007

USNS Comfort Arrives in Ecuador, should probably get underway for Peru

The humanitarian mission continues for USNS Comfort, as set out here, but given the recent earthquake, she perhaps should be enroute to Peru to render any needed aid...
An AP Television News cameraman who reached the city of Chincha, about 100 miles southeast of Lima, said he counted 30 bodies under bloody sheets on the floor of the badly damaged hospital.

About 200 people were waiting to be treated at the hospital, whose walls were cracked by the quake.

"Our services are saturated and half of the hospital has collapsed," said Dr. Huber Malma, who was trying desperately to treat dozens of patients on his own.
Helping out when there is an immediate need...

UPDATE: Some previous thoughts on flowing emergency relief from the sea here.

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