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Monday, August 27, 2007

Somali pirates

Another call to take on the Somali pirates found here:
Over the past few months, instances of piracy around the Horn of Africa have shown an alarming increase. There is now a groundswell of opinion in favour of effective action in the form of intensified international efforts to combat the menace.

Following the release last week of the Danish-flagged cargo ship Danica White, one such call was issued by the Danish embassy in Nairobi.

In a statement published by Fairplay, the international shipping magazine, it said: "The hijacking of Danica White and other vessels off the Somali coast demonstrates that there is a big need for strengthening the international co-operation to combat piracy."
But who will bell the cat? The UN can't organize a picnic without some member states stepping up to the plate. The alleged government of Somalia seems unable or unwilling to authorize any action by UN/NATO/Coalition Forces and may not be able to do anything on its own.

Shipping should transit well clear of Somalia or arrange for escorts or convoys...

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