Sunday, May 15, 2011

Somali Pirates: Danes Rescue Hostages, Kill and Capture Pirates

Esbern Snare
Reported as "ESBERN SNARE has been in a firefight with a pirate mother ship":
During patrols along the Somali coast on Thursday 12 May the morning approached ESBERN SNARE himself a pirate mother ship. Since ESBERN SNARE tried to stop the mother ship with Cry, was the pirate mother ship opened fire on ESBERN SNARE who immediately returned fire.

Shortly after the exchange of fire was from the pirate mother ship tossed more weapons overboard and were showing signs of surrender.

ESBERN SNARE subsequently took control of the pirate mother ship.

"Pirate mother ship after the surrender."- Royal Danish Navy Photo

44 people on the pirate mother ship
On board the pirate mother ship, there were 16 Iranian hostages and 28 presumed pirates. Were also found several weapons and other pirate-related equipment.

Following the gunfight, four suspected pirates killed. In addition, 10 others wounded, while 14 remained unharmed. All ten wounded pirates treated on board ESBERN SNARE.

They killed four suspected pirates have been buried at sea according to NATO procedures and taking account of Muslim traditions.

Hostages freed
The 16 Iranian hostages will be expected to look forward to an early reunion with their families.

The 24 suspected pirates are provisionally detained on ESBERN SNARE, while the Danish authorities to explore the possibility of prosecution.

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  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    it´s a good day to be danish !! i wonder if the iranians will let us draw pictures now or if they still want us dead.
    greetings from Horsens , Denmark