Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gasoline prices? "More regulation is, in fact, not always good"

Oil and Gas Journal editor speaks on the rise in the price of gas at the pump, which may become permanent. Watch this boringly titled piece "More gasoline price elevation due from Tier 3 regulation":

The regulatory scheme meant to assure air quality has long since passed the "low hanging fruit" and have now moved into the "great cost, low impact" zone.

UPDATE: Nice following editorial "Fright in perspective":
Fright is the go-to tool of environmental activism. When pressure groups want to stifle something—oil well drilling, pipeline construction, whatever—they first arouse fear about the activity among local populations. Then they besiege public officials with their coalition of the frightened.
Industrial societies must be able to assess the industrial activity central to their progress with informed judgment. Those too easily frightened lose that ability and too readily foreswear work.
Rumors of ghoulies and ghosties have long been used to keep people scared - and under control.
If you don't think so, try telling the "true believers" you are a man-made global warming agnostic.

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  1. "More regulation is, in fact, not always good" -M.T.

    But, generally more regulation does create an added job or two for government lawyers. I have often wondered, on average, how many lawyer jobs are created by each new regulation.

    Unfortunately, Google provides no ready answer, and when professionals are asked, their answer is offhandedly offensive: "No one cares but you!"

    A more responsive answer would be much appreciated.