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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Voter ID Debate

In a couple of days the local Federalist Society is hosting a lunch time panel on "The Impact of Voter ID in North Carolina."


Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow/Manager, Civil Justice Reform Initiative, The Heritage Foundation
Bob Hall, Executive Director, Democracy North Carolina
Allison Riggs, Staff Attorney, Voting Rights, Southern Coalition for Social Justice
John Fund, National Affairs Columnist, National Review

Democracy North Carolina is one of those "impartial" entities that doesn't seem to have a good handle on what either "nonpartisan" or "impartial" means. By way of example, here's a "Voter ID Fact Sheet" that they have on their website:

Now, lets just do a little fact check - read the part under the section title "Hidden Costs." Yes, the very first sentence reads:
Even if voters who currently lack ID were given free ID, they still have to pay for the legal documents needed to get ID, such as a birth certificate or social security card. (emphasis added)
Say, just how much did you pay for your Social Security card?

Last time I checked, those things were free.


A gift from the the American people to me and to you.

So, now, here's a question we lawyers always hope to ask of the other side, "Well, now, Mr. DNC, if you got this major fact wrong on your little "fact sheet" why should we trust the rest of your stuff?"

Southern Coalition for Social Justice also opposes Voter ID's,
We strive to link claims for minority representation with claims for fuller participation by all citizens. For example, voter ID requirements hinder effective participation by numerous groups, including the elderly and persons with disabilities.
How exactly do voter ID requirements do that?

I really want to know.

I will be attending this event.

I'll let you know if my questions get answered.

Oh, and that goofy "driver's license" at the top? One of the accepted forms of identification needed to use the UNC - Chapel Hill Health Services Library.

One more thing. Wait until these folks face the direct deposit mandate and need a photo id to start a bank account.

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