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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Move Over Iran, I've Got A Super Airplane, Too!

Iran recently announced a really, really, really special new airplane that boggles the mind. In fact, it is so technologically superior that many so-called Western "experts" who have worked in the airplane making business cannot figure out how it can propel itself off the ground, or as one source puts it US defense experts unimpressed by alleged Iranian Qaher-313 stealth fighter:
"Anyone can build a mock up. I will believe it's a real jet when I see it fly," Gunzinger says. "Even if it does make it off the ground, I doubt that it will have stealth characteristics."

Goure agrees. "It looks like a prize in a Cracker Jack's box," he says.
Yes, it's a Prize!

Well, I have a prize, too!

Here is a really real pilot standing next to my Super Airplane which I built in my den secret development base deep within a super secret location.

It took some time to perfect those reverse wings, but it was worth the effort, just ask the folks at Grumman who brought out the X-29.

Of course, my cockpit control are more like that of the X-29, instead of the off-the-shelf stuff the Iranians used in their plane. I think mine looks cooler and less like Piper Cub controls.

X-29 Cockpit

Iran F-113 Cockpit with secret source of instrument revealed.

Piper Cub Controls (those were simpler times)

You want flying pictures? Well, here's a really cool photo of the Iranian plane (just ignore the jealous allegations of Photoshoppery made at places like this):

And here's an image, just as real as the Iranian's, of my plane flying:

My plane over NYC

Grumman X-29 Flying (which has little to do with this post, but looks cool)

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