Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Is Old Radio Day: Crime Photographer "Hot New Years Party" (1948)

Flashgun Casey, the character, was first penned by former
newspaperman and advertising executive, George Harmon Coxe, Jr., in the March 1934 issue of Black Mask, the legendary--and influential--early Pulp magazine. Coxe relates that he had read and enjoyed the fiction exploits of reporters, but couldn't help wondering who was most at risk during these exploits--the reporter or his cameraman. "So why not give the cameraman his due? If the reporter could be a glamorous figure in fiction, why not the guy up front who took - and still does take - the pictures?"
Crime Photographer's backdrop hints at the Boston area. Jack Casey and Ann Williams are reporters for the fictional Morning Express. The selection of an overnight edition newspaper in a city large enough to present an endless variety and range of late night crime, helps drive the sub-plot of many of Casey's scripts. The atmosphere of the setting is anchored by The Blue Note Café, a late night lounge where musicians--and Morning Press denizens alike--hang out.

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  1. The Blue Note Café is one of the best jazz clubs ever! It is so classy... And people who go there represent the highest class. At least it was like that around 10 years ago. Thanks for this reminder! It brought up many memories :)