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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fearless Navy Bloggers Take to the Air: Episode 19 National Security issues in the 2010 election 5/2/2010 8PM

Episode 19 National Security issues in the 2010 election 5/2/2010 - Midrats on Blog Talk Radio
Six months prior to the NOV 2010 election, what are the national security issues that will make a difference? After Senator Brown was elected, this little jewel was delivered by Andrew McCarthy; " "It was health care that nationalized the special election for what we now know is the people’s Senate seat. But it was national security that put real distance between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. “People talk about the potency of the health-care issue,” Brown’s top strategist, Eric Fehrnstrom, told National Review’s Robert Costa, “but from our own internal polling, the more potent issue here in Massachusetts was terrorism and the treatment of enemy combatants.”

Our guests will be Mackenzie Eaglen, Research Fellow for National Security and James S. Robbins is Senior Editorial Writer for Foreign Affairs at the Washington Times. He is also author of the book, "Last in Their Class: Custer, Pickett and the Goats of West Point," and a political commentator and contributing editor for National Review Online.

Note the special time: 8pm Eastern Daylight Time/ 00 GMT/3am Istanbul, 3 May
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  1. Hey guys, I listen to your blogtalk via the podcast, either in the car or in the gym. I generally find it interesting, but I also find it difficult to listen to for technical reasons. The beef? Your levels are all over the place. One speaker can be barely audible, while another blows out your eardrums. Something to think about, but keep up the good work.