Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Friday, May 07, 2010

Russia frees Somali pirates captured during ship recapture

BBC News - Russia frees Somali pirates captured in Gulf of Aden:
Russia has released Somali pirates captured during the dramatic rescue of a Russian oil tanker earlier this week.

The Russian defence ministry said the gang was freed because of "imperfections" in international law.
The pirates were released because of "an incomplete international legal basis" to keep them detained, Col Alexei Kuznetsov was quoted by Russia's Interfax news agency as saying.
Asked why Russia released the pirates, Col Kuznetsov told the Associated Press news agency: "Why should we feed some pirates?"
An earlier report:
Russian naval task force sailors released on Thursday the Somali pirates detained after a mission to free the Moscow University tanker, a Defense Ministry source told RIA Novosti.

"Unfortunately, at present there exist no legal rules for prosecuting in court the pirates operating in the region of Somali," the source said. "This means they do not fall under the jurisdiction of any state or international law."

Commandos from the large anti-submarine warship Marshal Shaposhnikov freed the tanker earlier on Thursday in a 22-minute operation that saw one pirate shot dead. The vessel, on its way from the Red Sea to China, was seized on Wednesday.

The source added that after the pirates had been disarmed and their navigation equipment removed, they were "put into an inflatable boat" and pushed off into the sea.
And one pirate was killed during the retaking of Moscow University.

An "inflatable" boat? I wonder if they gave the pirates paddles to row their way 300+ miles to Somalia?

Now, that's a form of punishment.


  1. It does seem that that is exactly what they had done. I am seeing other news where there are complaints that nobody actually saw the Russians release the pirates, and not just execute them, like it matters. I would think that they would let the pirates go given that they probably will never make it back to the beach.

  2. Nice cover for the Russians about the imperfections of international law. This is my take on how it went down.

    Russians rounded the surviving pirates up. Got a rubber raft for them and put them in it. No food nor water. No oars. No nav equipment. Put a pinhole leak in a compartment. Launched them, and a good luck t'ye. Fitting punishment in this age of PC.

  3. Old school sea justice. Wonder if they had them walk a plank to get to the raft? lol

  4. excution is hard on the executioners, otherwise I'm all favor of the set em adrift solution. Still, not a complete solution. Barbary pirates and the US Marine Corp come to mind, only this time, lets not go ashore.