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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Russian Navy Captures and Destroys a Pirate Mothership (Video)

An explanation of this video (NSFW unless sound is off) is found at Fred Fry's post Russian Navy Captures and Destroys a Pirate Mothership (Video):

Somehow, I just don't think the Russians are sympathetic to the Somali pirates, even if the pirates are just "poor misunderstood fishermen fallen on hard times."

Memo to Somali pirates: Stay away from the Russians.


  1. Anonymous5:45 PM


    Quite a few "arabs".....Pakistanis....


    An Al Quaeda operation to strike at the "evil satan" of the "west"...."infidels"...
    Training ground for bigger and better operations, strikes against western merchant shipping...source of income.....test the TTP's of US/Rus/Dutch/NATO forces....

    Like it needs to be said yet again...
    Declare WAR on these bastards and fire on them ON SIGHT!....That will be the ONLY TTP they understand....

    When dead pirates remains wash up on Paki/Somali shores....then they'll know who's boss....

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    shoulda left the pirates on their boat..

  3. Anonymous2:11 PM


    There are no Paki shores. Pakistan is landlocked.

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Maybe the person who made the last comment about Pakistan works in the WH. Look at a map. Most likely majored in Woman Studies

  5. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Fake! It's a compilation of different video strung together to make a story.

  6. Anonymous3:49 PM shoreline?


    Gawd....WHAT an IDIOT!!!

    From Wiki...

    Main article: Geography of Karachi
    Satellite view of Karachi
    Karachi's Oyster Rocks near Clifton Beach

    Karachi is located in the south of Pakistan, on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Its geographic coordinates are 24°51′ N 67°02′ E. Most of the land comprised largely of flat or rolling plains, with hills on the western and Manora Island and the Oyster Rocks. The Arabian Sea beach lines the southern coastline of Karachi. Mangroves and creeks of the Indus delta can be found toward the southeast side of the city. Toward the west and the north is Cape Monze, locally known as Raas Muari, an area marked with projecting sea cliffs and rocky sandstone promontories. Some excellent beaches can be found in this area. Khasa Hills lie in the north west and form the border between North Nazimabad Town and Orangi Town. The Manghopir mountain range lies in north west of Karachi and between Hub River and Manghopir.

    Not only does Pakistan have coast line...(1046 km worth) but Pakistan has a considerable Naval force in addition to one of the worlds major SEAports....Karachi....

    Ya friggen IDIOT!....

    "Mate plot a course for Karachi Pakistan.."

    "But Capt'n....Pakistan is LAND-LOCKED...."

    "Mr. Mate....yr FIRED FIRED FIRED!...."

  7. Anonymous3:51 PM


    Ha ha....The dude with the bullet holes in his groin was only acting....

    EPIC FAIL.....

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Darwinism in action. Any two-bit punk stupid enough to mess with Russia deserves to die. Just sayin'.

  9. Anonymous7:41 PM

    what happened to the pirates

  10. Anonymous7:59 PM


  11. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Wish OUR Navy could do the same, but w/the current "Muslim-in-House", we'll never see it. Wish I was back out there,.......but give'em Hell Guys!

  12. Anonymous9:11 PM

    It is a shame that the CIA, Joint Chiefs and the Pantagon are cowards for you know who the islamist and Saudi employee. The Russians are awesome. I am ashamed of America.

  13. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Hmmm I guess America sucks because we only snipe pirates on holidays?

    It was a fine Easter though.

    I have to agree that our Official leader is beyond lacking, but this country is not led by one man and we have plenty of true Americans to be proud of!

    CNN 4/12/2009 "U.S. Navy snipers fatally shot three pirates holding an American cargo-ship captain hostage after seeing that one of the pirates "had an AK-47 leveled at the captain's back," a military official said Sunday."

  14. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Too many Rambo wannabes blowing smoke here, not
    much professionalism.

  15. Anonymous2:18 PM

  16. Anonymous11:37 AM

    //what happened to the pirates//

    They were fed to the Russian Soldier's dogs.

  17. Anonymous11:53 AM

    According to one version, seven of the pirates were taken onto the Russian naval vessel. The rest were left on board their own craft and the Russians blew it up along with the pirates. Often, when pirates are captured, they are "released", put into rubber boats and left hundreds of miles out in the open ocean. I don't have a lot of sympathy. If you swim with sharks...etc.

  18. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I have a newfound respect for the Russians. Russia is the only non-pussy country in Europe.

  19. Snake8:21 PM

    Toma nota ZP, haber asi quien tiene cojones de secuestrar barcos espaƱoles y pedir rescate...

  20. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Because the Russians are practical people, they know Maritime Law doesn't apply to these pirates, the trials would be tied-up in court for yaers. And this would be expensive for them; so "Swift Justice" is their answer to this piracy problem.
    While their Western counterparts in the Aden sea are basically impotent and indecisive on these pirates. Westerners are too self-conscious of their political image around the globe. While the Russkies doesn't give a damn if they're called barbarians, as long as the job gets done.

  21. Anonymous1:38 PM

    You Russians rock!! Smart guys just saved several million dollars in court costs. Could you send a memo to the U.S. please on how to do this?