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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laugh of the Day: Iran Unveils Flying Saucer

Well, given all the grim stuff in the world, occasionally it is good to get a laugh. Here's one for you: Iran's Fars News Agency reports Iran Unveils Flying Saucer:
Iran unveiled a home-made unmanned flying saucer as well as a light sports aircraft in an exhibition of strategic technologies.

The unmanned flying saucer, named "Zohal", was unveiled in a ceremony attended by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Zohal, designed and developed jointly by Farnas Aerospace Company and Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association (IASIA), can be used for various missions, specially for aerial imaging.

The flying machine is equipped with an auto-pilot system, GPS (Global Positioning System) and two separate imaging systems with full HD 10 mega-pixel picture quality and is able to take and send images simultaneously.

Zohal uses a small, portable navigation and monitoring center for transmission of data and images and can fly in both outdoor and indoor spaces.
Frankly, I'd be more impressed if they came up with something like this:

UPDATE: Much to my non-surprise, the Iranian UFO looks a whole lot like a UFO reported in Wales in 2008:

Only sorta more squished.

I guess the British airspace has been violated by Iran or not.

Something has been violated, at any rate.


  1. Unwittingly, Iran may have just provided some of the West's more creative intelligence services with a huge propaganda opportunity.

    Perhaps one day a Zohal flying saucer will be discovered in Venezuela - occupied by any manner of counter-intuitive things. - Hmmm!

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    So, one day these 10 Mpix HD photos can end up as evidence in crimes against the state? Is "Zohal" Farsi for "Photoshop"?

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Speaking of flying saucers, the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez said that capitalism killed life on Mars