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Saturday, September 09, 2017

On Midrats 10 September 2017 - Episode 401: Reporting on a Navy in Crisis, With David Larter

Please join us at 5pm EDT on 10 September 2017 for Midrats Episode 401: Reporting on a Navy in Crisis, With David Larter
USS Fitzgerald (U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Peter Burghart)
In an era of the 24-hr news cycle but in a subject area where accuracy and subject-knowledge is required - how does the navy-focused media report on the fast changing environment?

For the professional journalist, the last few months have shown that even peacetime naval operations can create stories as professionally demanding as reporting on wartime developments.

The stories coming from the deaths of 17 Sailors from the USS FITZGERALD and USS JOHN S. MCCAIN and the reaction from the SECNAV on down are just the latest
USS John S. McCain (U.S. Navy photo byMC2 Joshua Fulton)

Our guest for the full hour to discuss the interplay between media, political concerns, industry pressure, and personal agendas in reporting on our Navy will be David Larter, Naval Warfare Reporter for Defense News. He's a graduate of the University of Richmond and a former Operations Specialist Second Class, still DNQ in his ESWS qual.
Join us live if you can or pick the show up later by clicking here. Or you can also pick the show up later by visiting either our iTunes page or our Stitcher page.

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  1. A great, timely topic. We've had our early warning- hope that our Military and Civilian leaders truly start fixing the core problems instead of being transfixed by "building more ships" or "look at the new tech toy".