Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

China's Outlaw Government

I keep thinking that these words could be forced to work with that awful "Pina Colada Song"
"If you like brutal dictators
And getting sent off to camps
If you're not into freedom
If you like being controlled
If you like being
In the ruins of fate
Then the CCP is what you've looked for
And it's too late to escape"

Or, as someone else put it:
America’s relations with China should proceed from the recognition that the Chinese government is lawless. China flouts the rule of law, not occasionally or incidentally but characteristically, because the government understands itself as the source of law and unconstrained by it. The problem of China reminds us of the deeper laws that all nations must respect and that determine whether or not our positive laws are legally just.
The list of CCP outrages grows daily. Let me put a few down just to get started:

  1. All its claims to anything based on "historical use" are complete and utter garbage, especially those involving the South China Sea;
  2. Its claims that their "man-made islands" in the South China Sea extending China's territorial lists in completely bogus;
  3. Its treatment of its own minorities, especially but not limited to the Uighurs, is unconscionable;
  4. Its treatment of Hong Kong and those there brave to seek freedom is purely tyrannical;
  5. Its bullying concerning the ships, fishing fleets, and territories of the other nations abutting the South China Sea, including the use of its para-maritime forces, military grade "coast guard," and other assets borders on warring on those neighbors and often includes intrusion for unlawful purposes into the internationally recognized sovereign waters of those states;
  6. Its persistent efforts to corrupt the governments of other nations through bribery, threats, and outright infiltration of research facilities to steal research;
  7. China's government lies about everything all the time and then punishes those who would tell the truth;
  8. Its Orwellian "social credit system" is an offense to freedom

More to follow and links will be provided.


  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Well put. We need to get build stronger bipartisan support for opposing China. We need more on the left to join in, but that will tick off their Hollywood buddies who make all their money from China now.

  2. It would have helped if Pres. GHW Shrub had taken action to notify the Chinese that the US would NEVER recognize territorial sovereignty over illegally-constructed islands created by dredging delicate coral reefs in the Spratleys. I was at Cubi Point 1987-1989; we watched those islands being built. We notified the chain of command, but no action was ever taken, other than "stay at least 12 miles away". If we give China an inch, they'll take a mile; the proper time to take action was 30 years ago.

    1. Everyone kept believing that China's behavior would change when they joined the rest of the world. Instead, China seems to feel the world has joined it.