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Monday, November 15, 2004

"Aid convoy barred from 'starving' Falluja" (those are al Jazeera's scare quotes around starving)

Good old al Jazeera says "Aid convoy barred from 'starving' Falluja". But once again the article itself tells a different story:
The trucks laden with food, water and medical supplies will travel instead to villages around Falluja where tens of thousands of people have set up camp after fleeing the massive week-old offensive spearheaded by US marines, said Firdaus al-Ubadi.
Relief agencies are trying to get food, water and medicine to hundreds of families they say are trapped inside Falluja.
The military said it was announcing over loudspeakers in the city that civilians needing medical or other help should seek out US forces.
Looks to me like all the non-insurgents in Fallujah just have to raise their hands and the U.S. troops will double time some supplies to them. So, who would be unwilling to raise their hands? The guys with the AK-47s and RPGs?

Don't buy this fraud. It doesn't pass the smell test and looks like an effort to resupply the bad guys to me.

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