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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Roh Says NK Will Give Up Nukes If Given Compensation

The Korea Times says
"Roh Says NK Will Give Up Nukes If Given Compensation"
President Roh Moo-hyun on Tuesday stressed North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons program if it is provided with enough compensation.

He rebuffed the claim that the North has deliberately delayed the nuclear talks to buy time for nuclear development.

``We do not agree with the assertion of some hard-liners that the North is showing no intention of resuming the nuclear negotiations, seeking only to protract the dialogue,’’ Roh said during an interview with Portuguese-language newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo.

He urged North Korea to come to the six-party dialogue table. ``Trust among the relevant parties is the most important thing in negotiations. Utilizing dialogue itself as tool for negotiations will not help build trust, a fact which North Korea should bear in mind,’’ he said.

You know, I watched a PBS Frontline show on North Korea's "Nuclear Gamble," and my impression was that the ousted Democrats felt that the U.S.had tossed away the chance to "make a deal" with the DPRK when President Bush took over in 2001. Whereas the incoming administration felt that if we jumped every time Kim Il Goofball acted up, we faced a never-ending blackmail scheme.

Gosh, I wonder who was right? Hmmm.

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