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Good Company
Good Company

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Things I won't miss after the election

These words:
"Selected not elected"
"Stole Florida"
"If every voted had been counted"
"When I served in Vietnam"
"AL Gore, the real president"
"He won the popular vote"
"outsourced Tora Bora"
"ABB" (Anybody But Bush)
"Discredited SwifVet Charges"
"Bribed and coerced"
"I have a plan"

These people:
Any one who said they were emigrating if Bush got re-elected. Bon voyage!
"Lawrence "You're a Liar' O'Donnell
Tom Daschle
Terry McAwful
Bob Schrum
Ralph Nader
Wes Clark
Howard Dean
Al Gore
Mrs. Heinz-Kerry

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