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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dems not only one's in need of therapy after George W. Bush Wins Re-election

In a piece titled Fear and Loathing in Pyongyang North Korea Zone ( a really good blog, by the way) relays a Times of London report:
Hardliners have tightened their political grip on North Korea while Kim Jong-il, the Stalinist state’s dictator, has retreated into virtual seclusion after the death of his favourite consort from cancer. . . . Chinese and western sources say the regime has prepared for a state of siege as it confronts a re-elected US administration determined to break its will and disarm it of nuclear weapons. . . . “The loss of this woman was a blow,” said a foreign diplomat. “But John Kerry’s loss in the US election was a harder one. These are now very worried men." [Kim’s] prestige suffered a blow after he gambled and lost on a Kerry victory. The North Koreans played a waiting game through three rounds of nuclear talks in the belief that Kim could cut a better deal with a Democratic administration.

Another good reason to celebrate the victory. Now we should announce additional funding for bunker busting nukes...Kim the Obscene may instantly turn to Jello.

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