Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Lowest Possible Low Life

This news story about a women stealing toys from Toys for Tots shows how low a person can slide on the "low life" scale.

Hundreds of kids who could have benefited from the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation charity may have to do without because this piece of human debris stole their toys. Toys which will probably now be sold on Ebay or at a flea market. I hope some video gets her license plate number because she deserves jail time.

If you like to help make up for the losses, here's a listing of North Carolina Toys for Tots coordinators. Ms. Connie Lashmet, the Toys for Tots coordinator for Wayne, Duplin and Sampson counties (the affected areas) is on the list. Please help.

Here's a photo of the slimeball.

Update: I note that a Wal-Mart spokesman says they'll help replace the stolen toys. Thanks, Wal-Mart! Despite this kindness, there is still a huge need for toys to meet the need and I encourage you to contirbute.

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