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Thursday, December 09, 2004

ACLU "Refuse to Surrender Your Freedom" to Believe Exactly As We Do

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has a post about the ACLU's new drive to gather members ACLU : Refuse to Surrender Your Freedom.
Let's make it clear to those who seek to take away our freedoms that they are on the wrong side of the law... the wrong side of core American values... and the wrong side of history. Take the pledge now and stand strong in support of freedom.

Okay, I'm a little fuzzy on this. The people who are "seek(ing) to take away our freedoms?" Other than the terrorists, who might they be? Our own government? President Bush? Members of the ACLU?

These rights? From the ACLU website:
•Preserve the separation of church and state
•Amend the Patriot Act to keep us safe and free
•Defend the right to dissent
•Safeguard a woman's right to choose
•Advocate for the full equality of LGBT people
•Protect privacy in all aspects of our lives

Quite frankly, I'd be happier with the ACLU if:
-they would be for things like the right to practice (or not) one's religion without state interference,
-if they were against "political correctness" speech codes,
-if they were for giving back to the states the issue of abortion including the right to recognize the right of the unborn (instead of being in favor of abortion as a form of birth control),
-if they would define exactly what "full equality" of LGBT means, and
-if they supported the freedom of association and free speech for groups like the Scouts.

Instead, we get the ACLU supporting public and public-financed displays of "art" that include anti-religious symbols, while fighting against public displays of Christmas or other religious symbols, no matter how paid for. We see the ACLU fighting to have the Boy Scouts condemned and chased off public property, but supporting the right of the activists for other causes to march in the streets and to use other public locations, even if their agenda is extremely exclusionary, even including the Nazis.

In short, I find their list of "freedoms they refuse to surrender" too biased. Freedom means freedom for everyone, not just the causes you favor. When the ACLU gets that, I'll take another look at them.

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