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Friday, December 24, 2004

Iraqi Election Insight from Dagger Jag in Iraq

An Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer with the Big Red One has some good info on the Iraqi elections that I haven't seen anywhere else. Take a look here.
But recently there have been encouraging signs (from my perspective) that the Sunnis are starting to understand how the elections will work and that participation in the elections and even a minority position in the government can be the hedge they need to secure their rights in a new Iraq.

They are also starting to understand the political process better and figure out how to work within the framework of the current laws to voice their concerns. Many of the meetings I go to sound like a Poly Sci 101 lecture. But now that they are starting to understand the process, they are also starting to accept it, and that makes involvement much more likely. Even if they don't agree with the laws they realize they can still work with them.


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