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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tidal Waves Kill Over 68,000 in Asia

Tidal Waves Kill Over 44,000 in Asia.

Some things stagger the imagination. Please donate what you can to relief efforts.

Update: Death toll increases to over 44,000. Some help is on the way. More will be needed...

Update2: Must read piece in the Wall Street Journal (requires subscrption) 'Now We Hate Seeing This Sea' By Suketu Mehta. Brings home the personal tragedy of the peoples caught in the waves, and the way our media covers the damage wrought in the developing world (e. g. there are over 44,000 dead but the headline reads "8 Americans die")
In a perverse way, it might be a blessing that some of the casualities of the tidal wave were tourists from rich countries. 'At least 8 Americans among dead,' said an AP headline. And 25,000 others. But the headline puts a recognizable, indentifiable face on th tragedy. When honeymooners John and Susan are talking about almost drowning, it helps people here relate when Poonamma and Wimal are crying about having their child snatched out of their arms by the sea..."
Can you imagine what the American media would be doing if this involved 44,000 Americans?

The Command Post has a list of ways to help here.

Update3: Death toll increases to over 68,000. Burma (whatever they call themselves now) still not heard from as far as death toll.

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