Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, December 04, 2004

North Korea-It's all about Taiwan?

Here's an eye-opening look into a mind molded by the Chinese government as published by the Asia Times:

Most amazing quote:
Clearly, ending North Korea's nuclear crisis or even eliminating "evil" is not the ultimate goal of the US. What the US really wants, and is exploiting the North Korea "crisis" to achieve, is to deploy sufficient military forces and resources in the western Pacific (especially close to Taiwan) so as to encourage Taiwan independence, thereby checking China's growth as a power that might compete with the US. Not long ago, the US and Japan were talking about using Japan's Shimoji Island as a military base. Only about 200 miles from Taiwan, Shimoji has a "runway capable of safely handling a fully loaded F-15C fighter jet", observed James Brooke in the New York Times.

If some day Taiwan becomes independent (or rather the 51st US state), it would not surprise the world. ..

If Taiwan becomes the 51st state, it would surprise the heck out of me.

Hope the 7th Fleet has the Taiwan Strait patrol ready.

Here's an area map to help:

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