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Friday, December 03, 2004

Rwanda Denies Army in Congo

In a Reuters article on Yahoo News
Rwanda Denies Army in Congo, Threatens Only Rebels
. This is in direct contradiction to the reports of UN troops in Congo who have stated that they have seen elements of the Rwandan army in Congo territory.
The United Nations said its peacekeepers in Congo could help disarm Hutu rebels threatening Rwanda. The Security Council said it would issue a statement strongly condemning Rwanda for any military action and urging Congo to disarm the rebels quickly.
Diplomats in Kigali said they had also been told earlier by Rwandan officials that there were Rwandan special forces in Congo carrying out reconnaissance missions.

Somebody's lying. And if the "Hutu rebels" get disarmed, who will be protecting them from Rwandan forces? One of the last UN "safe havens" I remember was in Srebrenica, in the former Republic of Yugoslavia when up to 7000 Muslim men were executed.

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