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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Anti-terrorism tools - From a Singapore Angle

From a Singapore Angle blogs on a "homeland security" conference in Singapore here and point to some interesting vendor offerings:
: Police or civil defence rescuers can get a bird's-eye view using a remote-controlled video camera attached to a tethered helium balloon. This mobile surveillance system, called SKeYe, is towed behind a truck in a trailer which holds the balloon and its helium tanks. SKeYe's camera gives an all-around view and can be hoisted up to 100m in the air. A night vision camera allows the user to see in the dark.

- Protected vehicles: Armour plates and blast-proof glass protect vehicles from blasts and small arms fire. The modified vehicles look just like any others, as the armour is concealed. The target market is government officials, businessmen or diplomats requiring discreet protection. Making its debut outside the US is SmarTruck III, equipped with armour, tear-gas launchers and remote-controlled guns and sensors. It was developed to demonstrate the kind of technology and firepower an 'intelligent' vehicle can have.

- Swimmer detection sonar: Sensors shaped like frying pans protect harbours and naval bases from hostile divers and 'other submerged threats' like midget submarines. It is ready for sale after two years of trials by ST Electronics and a United States-based partner. The sonar is smart enough to distinguish divers from shoals of fish, and is said to be ideal 'to counter threats of sabotage and terrorism to enhance harbour and coastal defence'.

There's more - go see.

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