Sunday, March 27, 2005

North Korea Needs Food- Apparently Can't Eat Nuclear Weapons

My Way News reports that the UN's World Food Program is soliciting food for the starving masses of North Korea, where apparently the elderly, women and children are the last in line to get food from any other source.

This is a semi-annual food raising event, sort of like an NPR fund-raiser. The elderly apparently need vegatable oil to wash down their "corn porridge and acorns."
The North has relied on foreign aid to feed its 24 million people since disclosing in the mid-1990s that its state farm system had collapsed after decades of mismanagement and the loss of subsidies from Moscow.
It is unclear exactly how many North Koreans have starved to death as a result of the "mismanagement" of their seemingly well-fed dictator and his cronies in power.

Maybe if they run a bargin sale on No-dong missiles or other weapons systems the DPRK can raise enough money to buy some food for its people - they have virtually no other exports except weapons.

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