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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Escape by any means: Octopuses Seen Walking From Predators

Octopuses Seen Walking From Predators.
Octopuses trying to avoid being eaten usually hold still to camouflage themselves. But by walking on two arms, these two types were able to move quickly while using their other arms to disguise themselves.

Two individuals of O. marginatus from Indonesia wrapped six arms around themselves, looking like a coconut on the sea floor. They then used the two rear arms to move backward.

In Australia, O. aculeatus was seen raising two arms above its head before lifting four more and moving backward on the two remaining arms. The researchers described it as looking like "a clump of algae tiptoeing away."
I, though a diver for many years, have never seen "algae tiptoeing away" so I will have to take the researchers' word for it. Octopi are supposed to be relatively intelligent, so using any means available to escape isn't too shocking.

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