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Sunday, May 22, 2005

A family adventure- including some pirates

Nice little article about a family that sailed toether, with some more adventure than they had bargined for:
The most harrowing experience Renee recalled was in spring 2003. They were passing between Yemen and Somalia in the Gulf of Aden, approaching the Red Sea. Pirates had boarded and stripped a boat the day before, so the Outlandish set out in a diamond-shaped formation of four boats. An Australian power boat, about 76 feet long, was the lead boat.

Three small power boats, with about six men in each, approached the lead boat from the rear and bumped into the stern. Then the pirates started trying to board. The captain, a stocky American Vietnam veteran, charged up with bright red flares in his mouth and his hands. Language was no barrier as he pantomimed the motion of using the lighter in his hand to light fuses and toss the flares into their boats.

"I'm sure that they thought it was dynamite," Renee said.

The men retreated, but they followed closely, looking for another chance at the four boats until dark.
Since the article was written upon their return, I supose it's safe to assume that pirates did not have their way with the convoy.

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