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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kosovo: Bye Bye Serbia?

Kosovo wants to split from Serbia and makes few bones about it. Its news draft constitution promises to help it on its way as reported here.
Leaders in Kosovo are considering a unilateral split from Serbia, in case the United Nations, US and Europe fail to achieve a diplomatic settlement this year over the breakaway province's political status.

Ibrahim Rugova, Kosovo's president, has told the Financial Times that he is drafting a constitution envisaging the province of 2m people as a newly independent state in the Balkans.

"We are drafting our own constitution, as is our right, and in due time it will be presented to the parliament, which will either vote on it or send it for a referendum," Mr Rugova said, describing the document as "a constitution for a democratic state drawing on Kosovo's historical traditions, Jefferson, the unifying principle of independence and other European constitutions".

By announcing such plans Mr Rugova can only succeed in widening the political gulf between Belgrade and Pristina, the provincial capital. Both sides' positions already are hardening as they jockey for position before high level talks, possibly this year, to determine Kosovo's future.
No kidding.

Update: A Kosovo video that captures the essence of the UN peacekeeping effort is linked to here. And I thought I was the only one who was singing that tune...

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