Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Malaysian Borneo: Armed escort for commercial vessels, tugboats

Another country (update: well, more correctly, a part of Malaysia) offers up Armed escort for commercial vessels, tugboats in Sabah waters
Sabah Police Chief Datuk Mangsor Ismail said marine police are prepared to provide armed escorts for commercial vessels and tugboats crossing pirate-infested waters off the east coast of Sabah.
"We have discussed the matter with tugboat operators who wished for armed escorts against robbery at sea," he said after witnessing the East Coast Waters Coordination Exercise in Takun waters, off Tungku, some 30 nautical miles from Lahad Datu District.

Datuk Mangsor said the security emphasis would be on gazetted shipping lanes and areas that had become the focus of the tourism industry as well as security of smaller boats in Malaysian waters.

Update: Map of the area, Sabah province is at top of Borneo, just below the Philippines.

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