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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Flawed Federalism in Iraq?

I guess that trying to shape a new democracy in any country would be hard, but this gentleman, writing for AlJazeera finds some differences between the US style democracy and local government based on location and the tribal/ethnic system in Iraq inconsistent as set out in Why federalism in Iraq is inconsistent.
While the occupation remains to be the most blatant and destructive force in the country today, the national assembly had instead focused on dividing Iraq into a federal state.
Now, let me see. There was this dictator with a secret police force and a "unified" government that killed both Kurds and Shia Muslims (among others), but now that the "occupiers" have tossed that guy out and a democracy is being started, Mr. Saud is suddenly concerned that the form of the government is less than ideal? Hmmm. Here's my suggestion. Get a government formed. Have the government ask the US to leave. When they leave (which they will) go about your business and complain about something else. Which will probably be that the US withdrew too soon, etc, etc.

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