Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ho hum, another day at the office

Now that I'm a retired Navy guy, I spend time pursuing justice in various ways, most of which seem to involve the review of endless streams of paper or electronic communication.

In the meantime, all the young Navy kids are out there in their "offices" doing, well, their jobs. But as I told my younger son the other day, when they get asked, "What did you accomplish today?" -well-they don't have to tell about the great set of interrogatories they drafted or how their sparkling questions at a deposition may have saved/won their client money.
Instead, sometimes they get to take pot shots at pirates, or land on a carrier at night, or ...do something like take a dangerous satellite out of circulation... like the crew of USS Lake Erie did at 153 miles above the earth.

Way cool.

And I am sooo jealous.

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