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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Port Security: Undersea Tech

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A surveillance system will be installed in the Piscataqua River this summer to protect the Port of New Hampshire from terrorist attacks.
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The system will include sonar equipment and a remotely operated underwater robotic camera called the Sea Otter that will allow authorities to check potential threats to the bridges that connect New Hampshire and Maine.

The camera will also let authorities check the hulls of incoming ships.

The system was developed by Sonatech Corp. of Bedford and has been tested at several other ports.
Though some critics have questioned the need for such technology, Woodsum said terrorists are close to having the ability to use divers to attach bombs to ship hulls and bridges.

"We have bridges that can be attacked and sunk [in] the harbor, which would basically stop all traffic," between New Hampshire and Maine, he said.

Nicholls agreed.

"I think it pays to be prepared, whether we're operating in the Port of Portsmouth or the Port of Los Angeles," he said.
Yes, it does.

Sonatech home.

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